VyprVPN IPsec VPN Setup for BlackBerry 10

Configured on a BlackBerry Q10 running

Please note that Golden Frog offers limited support for this platform. Setup instructions are provided as-is with no guarantee of functionality.

Installing the certificate:

1. Prior to configuring the connection, you will need to install the appropriate security certificate, which can be found at the link below.

Click here to download the VyprVPN client certificate.

It is suggested to use the device's browser app to download and install the certificate. However, you can also use a cloud storage service of your choosing to move the certificate to your device.

2. Once the certificate is downloaded or placed on your cloud storage service, navigate to: Settings > Security and Privacy > Certificates > '+' Import

If using a cloud storage service: 

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the bottom right (Blackberry_10_Menu.png)
  2. Select your cloud storage app

  3. Select the goldenfrog-client.p12 certificate

If you downloaded the certificate from the browser app: 

  1. Access File Manager > downloads
  2. Select the goldenfrog-client.p12 certificate

3. After you have selected and opened the goldenfrog-client.p12 certificate you will be asked for the password, which is: goldenfrog

Note: This password is case-sensitive and must be all lower case.

4. Once you have access to the certificate click "Import All" at the top right of the screen.


Setting up the VPN connection: 

1. To set up the VPN connection, access Settings > Networks and Connections > VPN and press the Add VPN Profile button.

2. Configure the VPN profile per the settings below.

  • Profile Name: VyprVPN (Or name of your choosing)
  • Server address: Your desired server location here
  • Gateway Type: Cisco IOS with Easy VPN Server
  • Authentication Type: XAUTH-PKI
  • Allow Untrusted Certificate: Prompt
  • CA Certificate: All CA Certs
  • Client Certificate: goldenfrog-client
  • Hardware token:  Off
  • Username: Your Golden Frog email address
  • Password: Your Golden Frog password
  • Advanced: Keep default settings


Your setup should look like the screenshot below:



How to start and stop a connection:

1. From Settings > Networks and Connections > VPN tap the profile you created to connect. To disconnect, tap and hold the profile, then choose the option to disconnect.

2. You can check your IP address by visiting our IP checker web page.

3. Enjoy VyprVPN on your BlackBerry 10 device!

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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